Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Atom Bomb To Santa Claus: What have the Americans ever done for us?


While the sentiments and opinion of the world regarding the US has been sour after Trump took on the Washington, it is difficult to discount or disregard contributions of the US on world stage be it science or industry or anything  that has helped mankind grow and adapt to the changing times, made like easier and saved lives through innovation. This book Atom Bomb to Santa Claus by Trevor Homer is basically a collection of things that are considered contributions of the US in above mentioned fields. From Post-it to cash register, from atom bomb to disposable diapers and so on the list goes. I would categorize this book as a reference book or fun-facts book. Will make a good read for a curious reader who just wants to browse a chapter or two here and there or a kid with penchant for science.

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